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Hagymási Pincészet Kft.

HagymasiWine is an easy bussines,the only problem is the first 100 years. Heaving been born in a winery, we have always understood that this is a reality. Making a great wine takes a great deal of effort, patience, commitment, passion and creativity over the years. But this effort is well worth it and very gratifying. Isn’t one of the great pleasures of life uncorking a good wine and enyoing it with our loved ones? Those who have tasted great wine know this, and those who have yet to do so have a whole world of new sensations to discover. To us Hagymási Winery is much more than a project, it is a dream realized, one which we would like to share with you.


1317996364 worldHonlap
1317996562 addressE-mail
3300 Eger
Kőkút út 24.
Hagymási József
+36 20 3 264 364
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